Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sensory Processing Disorder? What is that??

Hello! This is my first time to blog and I am excited. Have you recently heard about Sensory Processing Disorder? We have a WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher that saved us from wondering what was wrong with our children. Yes, children. I have TWO children with Sensory Processing Disorder. I am not a doctor and I want to point that out up front. If you think your child might have this, please seek medical advice. Anyway, the kindergarten teacher asked if I had heard of this and I immediately went home and went to the internet, printed out a checklist and headed to the pediatrician with checklist in hand. The pediatrician thanked me for having the checklist and started my son in occupational and physical therapy the next week! From what I have read, the younger this is dealt with the better. I will talk about what symptoms my children have and have had and the adventures of our family in coming days. If you are reading this, thank you and I hope that it will help other moms!!

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