Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What signs and symptoms of SPD does your child have?

I was so happy to hear that there might be a name for the quirks that my son has. We started him in kindergarten even though we thought he might not be ready. Once again I will say thank God for the kindergarten teacher that spotted Sensory Processing Disorder. She knew it as Sensory Integration Disorder or SID but it has been renamed SPD. If you go to, there is a checklist titled "Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist: Signs and Symptoms of Dysfunction". Here are the items that I checked off for my son:

Avoids/dislikes/aversive to "messy play", i.e., sand, mud, water, glue, glitter, playdoh, slime, shaving cream/funny foam etc.

Excessively ticklish

May want to wear shorts and short sleeves year round

Has difficulty with fine motor tasks such as buttoning, zipping, and fastening clothes

Has difficulty using scissors, crayons, or silverware

May physically cling to an adult they trust

Difficulty riding a bike

Difficulty turning doorknobs, handles, opening and closing items

Difficulty getting dressed and doing fasteners, zippers, and buttons

Poor fine motor skills, difficulty using "tools", such as pencils, silverware, combs, scissors etc.

May appear ambidextrous, frequently switching hands for coloring, cutting, writing, etc.; does not have an established hand preference/dominance by 4 or 5 years old

Difficulty regulating pressure when writing/drawing - too light to see

May refuse to go to movie theaters, parades, skating rinks, musical concerts, etc.

Has difficulty chewing and swallowing

Excessive drooling past teething stage

Prefers to play on the outside, away from groups, or just be an observer

Now that is one long list but let me tell you, our pediatrician was grateful to see it. Have as much documentation of symptoms as you can when you go to see your pediatrician and...good luck!

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