Monday, February 8, 2010

Are all of your ducks in a row??

I did not see this symptom on the SPD checklist but I find it interesting. Both of my children, let's call them R4 for my daughter and R5 for my son, like to line things up. I call them R4 and R5 because they are the fourth and fifth "R" names in the family. R1 is Papa, R2 is Daddy, R3 is their uncle, and then R4 and R5. Anyway, R4 has liked to line things up since she was about 18 months old. She liked to line up Daddy's chess pieces, little people were her favorite, rubber ducks, and now littlest pet shop animals. She lines them up perfectly in a row. She then puts them away. Her little brother, R5 lines things up but not so perfectly and gets upset when they are moved. It is very interesting to me that my children like to line things up because their rooms are a mess. Neither of them likes to put things away. Both of them likes to line things up though. Maybe they are just visual learners and like to be able to see all of their things....lined up.

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