Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's talk about picky eaters, shall we??

Do you have a picky eater in your house? I definitely do. The problem is SPD is exaggerated when the child will not eat healthy foods. I went to an SPD seminar in December and received a wealth of information about food and the SPD child. The thing that stands out most in my mind is that these children should drink WHOLE MILK. All of this time our pediatrician said to give them 2%. SPD children NEED the fat from the whole milk. Also, the best thing to feed an SPD child is eggs!

Now I have a problem, one of my children refuses to eat eggs. My daughter has major texture issues. We are trying to get her to try two new foods a week. I am reading over the seminar information that I received and there are some helpful hints that we can try:

Offer a variety of textures
Keep portions of new foods small
Allow the child to taste one bite and let them spit it back out
Do not mix food items (like a casserole for example)
Involve child in food preparation
Make the food attractive to the child

Now this is all easier said than done, believe me but it is worth a try. Here are three books that can help us with picky SPD children:

Just Take a Bite

Our Children Are What Our Children Eat

Why Can't I Eat That

These were all recommended as good books for parents of SPD children to read.

Also, fatty acids are important for the developing brain of the SPD child. They are contained in things like salads, fruit, veggies, nuts, whole milk, olive oil, seaweed, and fish oil.

Finally, in my area, there is a picky eater's group that meets in the summer. I am definitely signing my daughter up for it! It is at Christus St. John Sports Medicine Center in Nassau Bay right across from NASA. We can't wait!


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  5. I have a daughter with SPD, and I am also a speech-pathologist. A great book/therapy technique is called "Food Chaining", and it has some wonderful ideas for "picky eating"--I've seen it work with a number of kids....

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  7. My daughter likes eggs but hates the yolks. I get the eggs with DHA and EPA but if you skip the yolks it doesn't do much good. I give her the Gummy Bear fish oil vitamins, too. I sneak olive oil into her pasta. Actually, I do a lot of sneaky things :) As soon as I was aware that she was having problems I started putting fish oil in her grape juice. She would ask me why her juice stunk :) Good luck with your new blog!


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