Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How many people in the general population have SPD?

I am just wondering.  How many kids can you name that have Sensory Processing Disorder?  I also wonder how many people in the general population have SPD.  I think that I have had SPD all along and can name some symptoms that I have had since childhood.  For one, I have always been painfully shy.  I have gotten better as I have grown older but I am still pretty shy.  That said, I can name 8 children with SPD and that is through casual conversations that I have had with parents.  If I am shy and I can find 8 children that have this, how many are there in the general population.  I also know of some that have not been diagnosed but exhibit some of the symptoms such as clothing and food texture issues.  Just some questions for thought.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA

Well I just started reading The Out of Sync Child and have already found something that hits close to home and I just finished the foreward.  Larry B Silver, MD was talking about how physicians can blame the parent for the child's behavior without even understanding the underlying problems with how the child's brain is working.  Recently, our pediatrician told me to take parenting classes because of my daughter's behavior.  Now, I don't think I am the perfect parent but here we go, my daughter has SPD and ADD.  I can take all of the parenting classes on the planet and it will not change how my daughter's brain is wired.  I cannot wait to read this book and learn more about my children!  My son has been in OT and PT since November and the elementary school is starting an evaluation process for him.  My daughter has not yet been diagnosed but I know she has SPD.  Since her SPD was not holding her back at school, she will start OT and PT next.  Her therapy will be geared toward clothing and food as well as social behavior.

Also, I purchased The Out of Sync Child Has Fun.  This book is by Carol Stock Kranowitz as well.  Both of these books should be interesting reads!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein - what is it?


Like the attached article says, HVP, what is it? Also like it says, many of us did not know what it was until this week. Please read the article and pass it on. It sounds horrible and to think we were eating food that contained it, salmonella or no. I ate some Pringle's on Sunday. They were not part of the recall but they did make me sick. I was reading that rapid heart rate can be a side effect. That is not a good thing to have in a food product. Anyway, my symptoms have been: pounding headache, aches, chills, fever, and diarrhea. I contacted the company in question and was told those symptoms did not come from their food product but I should keep the chips for two weeks in case they need a sample. Let me tell you, those symptoms ARE coming from the chips and I will no longer buy them. Not only for my health but also for my children. NO child should eat this garbage, let alone children with SPD. I have been thinking about using the Feingold diet but now I will be putting my thoughts into actions!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Penmanship WAS and IS one of my strong points.

Has anyone tried the Twist and Write pencils or the Pen Again pens for their children with SPD?  I would like to thank my friend in Ohio who told us about these!  She told me that her son used to hate to write and that these pencils have been a lifesaver.  Even the clerk at the office supply store said she wished they had these when her son was smaller.  Neither one of my children likes to write and these just may do the trick!  The pencils are made specially for children and their small fingers.  My son struggles to write at all and my daughter writes but does not like to.  This is very ironic as one of my friends was telling me recently that she used to try to emulate my writing and never could.  She told me that it frustrated her to no end and that she just kept getting "N"'s in writing on her report card.  Most of the women in my family have very similar handwriting but that is another subject.  Anyway, when my kids get home today, I will let them pick their favorite color from the package.  Let the writing begin!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Math was not my strongest subject either.

Today I am back to Sensory Processing Disorder.  Has anyone had a similar issue with their children?  I find this interesting, my 5 year old son has trouble counting and recognizing numbers.  Last week, I was reading to him out of a Star Wars book.  I started asking questions like, "If you have six clone troopers and you take away two, how many do you have?"  His answer? "Four!"  Then I asked a couple more addition and subtraction questions and he had the correct answers.  I asked his teacher, "How is it that my child cannot count or recognize numbers but he can do addition and subtraction in his head?"  Her answer?  "He learns differently, celebrate!"  We are celebrating.  Happy day!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We are family!!

This post is not about Sensory Processing Disorder but about family.  My blog is evolving which many probably do.  I just came back from the Youngstown, Ohio area.  My mother, my sister, my niece, and I flew there to visit my aunt who has what she calls "the disease".  She has cancer but none of us are sure what kind as she is a very private person.  May God be with her. 

While we were there, my mom and I also were able to meet and visit with relatives of mine that I found through my genealogy research.  My father's sister was adopted out of the family at the age of about 18 months.  When I was about 12, I noticed a picture on the shelf of a three year old boy and an 18 month old girl.  I asked about the picture and was told "That is your father and his sister.  She was given up for adoption".  We knew the name of the family that adopted her but that was all (or so I thought).  After asking more questions, I found out my aunt's married name as well as her maiden name.  I have been doing genealogy research ever since I stopped working outside of the home.  I ordered a copy of a social security application that I thought might belong to my aunt.  It was!!  Sadly though, by the time I found her, she had passed away. 

Another cousin who I found through genealogy research helped me to locate one of my aunt's son's.  These are the only cousins on my dad's side so I really wanted to find them.  Fast forward to this week.  I was able to meet my cousin, his four sons, their wives, and their children.  It felt like we had known each other all of our lives and we plan to stay in touch.  On the way out of the restaurant where we had dinner was a sign which read something like"  ENTER AS STRANGERS, LEAVE AS FRIENDS.  Amazing!! 

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