Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA

Well I just started reading The Out of Sync Child and have already found something that hits close to home and I just finished the foreward.  Larry B Silver, MD was talking about how physicians can blame the parent for the child's behavior without even understanding the underlying problems with how the child's brain is working.  Recently, our pediatrician told me to take parenting classes because of my daughter's behavior.  Now, I don't think I am the perfect parent but here we go, my daughter has SPD and ADD.  I can take all of the parenting classes on the planet and it will not change how my daughter's brain is wired.  I cannot wait to read this book and learn more about my children!  My son has been in OT and PT since November and the elementary school is starting an evaluation process for him.  My daughter has not yet been diagnosed but I know she has SPD.  Since her SPD was not holding her back at school, she will start OT and PT next.  Her therapy will be geared toward clothing and food as well as social behavior.

Also, I purchased The Out of Sync Child Has Fun.  This book is by Carol Stock Kranowitz as well.  Both of these books should be interesting reads!

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