Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Penmanship WAS and IS one of my strong points.

Has anyone tried the Twist and Write pencils or the Pen Again pens for their children with SPD?  I would like to thank my friend in Ohio who told us about these!  She told me that her son used to hate to write and that these pencils have been a lifesaver.  Even the clerk at the office supply store said she wished they had these when her son was smaller.  Neither one of my children likes to write and these just may do the trick!  The pencils are made specially for children and their small fingers.  My son struggles to write at all and my daughter writes but does not like to.  This is very ironic as one of my friends was telling me recently that she used to try to emulate my writing and never could.  She told me that it frustrated her to no end and that she just kept getting "N"'s in writing on her report card.  Most of the women in my family have very similar handwriting but that is another subject.  Anyway, when my kids get home today, I will let them pick their favorite color from the package.  Let the writing begin!


  1. Let me know if they help! I'll try them with Sophie.

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  3. Can't wait to hear what your kids think. We could use a tool that makes writing easier. Currently, my 5.5 yr old son uses his full fist most often to grip his pencil/writing tool.

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