Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is everyone on the same page?

I think my husband (R2) and I are finally on the same page.  He had been saying that our 5 year old son (R5) knew his alphabet and numbers but had no interest in learning.  He had also been saying that our 8 year old daughter (R4) does not have ADD, she is just "precocious".  Yesterday after R5 did not want to participate at his occupational therapy, he told me "school is too hard".  He was talking about kindergarten.  Now, if he knows his numbers and alphabet, why is kindergarten too hard?  Also, R2 had been saying that there is nothing wrong with either child while I know full well that they both have SPD and at least one has ADD.

R4 brought her report card home last Thursday and never showed it to us.  She then proceeded to give it back to the teacher on Monday.  Also, a neighbor child told me that R4 has been sitting by herself at lunch for months due to bad behavior.  R4's grades have all dropped since the 1st grading period.  These are all warning signs of ADD to me!  I am taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow to talk about ADD medication.  Yes, this is the same pediatrician that told me that R4 is just trying to get attention and that I need to take parenting classes.

I had a chat with R2 last night and explained to him that what he is thinking about our children is just where I was a year ago.  It has taken me a year to realize that YES R4 needs ADD meds and YES there is some kind of learning problem that R5 has.  One of them is SPD and I do not know if he has ADD or dyslexia but I think that finally, R2 and I are on the same page!

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