Friday, May 14, 2010

Be an SPD ambassador!! :)

I was buying my daughter a pair of Van's shoes today.  Yes, my daughter "R4" will only wear slip-on shoes.  The sales lady told me about her struggle with socks as a child.  I told her about R4 and she went on to tell me about some of her own issues...sock trouble as a child, not liking to be touched by peers, food issues.  I told her that her quirks actually have a guessed it..Sensory Processing Disorder.  I said that I am sure there is therapy no matter the age.  I like being a Sensory Processing Disorder ambassador.  After that I went to Lakeshore Learning Store to purchase some items to help both of my children.  I explained that my son "R5" has trouble with numbers.  I purchased some cards with numbers on them.  The numbers have a sandpaper texture so that he can learn using his tactile sense.  I also bought some finger paint for him as he hates writing utensils...we will finger paint his numbers and letters.  R4 just tested at a 10 year old level and she is 8.  Her problem is with spelling.  So I bought some word building blocks that resemble legos.  I think they will both benefit from these.  R4 wlll be stylin' in her new shoes and I will be using creative ways to teach R5 his numbers and help R4 with her spelling.

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