Friday, May 7, 2010

Visual perception problems leading to problems with spelling

I feel like a detective now.  My last post talked about visual perception problems that I think my daughter is having.  I read about this topic in "The Out of Sync Child".  I set up an appointment for her to have a test on visual perception where she goes for tutoring.  This will happen on Tuesday.  She also told me a couple of days ago that when she is sitting at the back of the class room and tries to copy words off of the board, she often misses letters here and there.  That tells me that maybe we are going down the right path.  It also sounds like a visit to the eye doctor may be in order also.  Who would have thought that problems with spelling would lead to all of this.  Once again, thank goodness for teachers that are on the ball and thank goodness for the book "The Out of Sync Child"!  Also, thank goodness that my daughter spoke up about her problems too!

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