Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am starting to see improvement!

Last week, we went to Benihana in downtown Houston.  I thought it would be fun for the kids to watch as the food was cooked before their eyes.  Having two picky eaters, I did not expect either of them to eat anything but plain rice.  So I ask my daughter what she wants and her answer is "plain rice".  My son however says, "I want shrimp!"  This child has never even mentioned shrimp before.  I am thinking, "How cute!  He ordered shrimp, but he is not going to eat it!"  Guess what!  The little guy ate several shrimp along with some grilled corn. 

Yesterday, we tried the new Chinese buffet at our local mall.  I am thinking he will probably eat chicken nuggets and french fries.  He asks for....CRAWFISH!!  We are talking shell and all...  I said, "Daddy will be happy to help you with that!"  (I did NOT want to touch that crawfish!)  So my husband takes the little piece of meat from the tail end of the crawfish and puts it on my son's plate.  The little guy puts it on his spoon, smells it, looks at it, AND EATS IT! 

From what I can figure all of this therapy that he has been going to and the tutoring are helping in other areas besides fine motor, gross motor, and reading.  I asked his reading tutor today (who has a PhD in psychology too I believe), and she said that his self confidence is up.  I am so happy to see this change in his attitude! :)

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  1. Sophie won't even eat plain rice. Not even the fortune cookie. "Too crunchy." It's getting annoying!


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