Monday, June 14, 2010

School is out for the Summer!

School has been out for a week now.  I have been spending way more time with my kids especially my son, "R5".  I have seen where he has improved in many ways but I am also seeing new Sensory Processing Disorder symptoms.  He loathes hot food and almost prefers it cold.  The water in the bathtub or shower has to be almost cold.  Also, he has to have a beach towel on the back of his seat in the car if we are going to the pool and he just has on his swim trunks.  Why?  The seat is hot!  These symptoms seem to be getting worse, not better.  He does not like extreme cold either.  He often tells me "Cold is hot!"  Luckily, I understand that he has SPD and have the patience to deal with this.  If it keeps up, we may have to have therapy for the aversion to temperature.  Right now, he is in OT and PT for strength and writing as well as reading tutoring. 

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  1. i feel as though my son is 'getting worse' as well. at this time it is his anxiety and self confidence issues (which is strongly linked to his spd). my son also confuses hot and cold amongst other things. i was starting to get concerned that he seemed to be getting worse around the time he started seeing his OT and his i guess it helps for me to know that you see his issues changing too. i enjoy reading your posts because i am relatively new to this (late spring diagnosis) so i love finding others that make me say 'yes, me too!' ;o)


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