Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get them out of their comfort zone

I have two kids with SPD.  One is very loud and outgoing as a rule and the other is very quiet and shy as a rule.  This week, they are both at OnStage Kids.  OnStage Kids is a local group that puts on drama camps for kids aged kindergarten through grade six.  It is a day camp and lasts from 9-3 Monday through Friday for a week.  During this week, the kids learn to sing, dance, act, and do crafts.  Friday brings a show in the evening that the kids have learned during the week.  The shows are always a blast for the kids and Christ is always somewhere in the script.  So they get vacation bible school, dancing, singing, and acting all in one!  Of course, my louder child couldn't wait for OnStage Kids.  I kept asking my shyer child if he wanted to attend this camp and he kept waffling.  Monday came and he hung on to me when it was drop off time.  The counselors averted his attention with some bouncy balls and I left.  It turns out that he had lots and lots of fun and had no trouble at drop off time today.  What had I done, I got him out of his comfort zone.  He would have preferred going home with mom and playing with his toys yesterday but I pushed him just a little.  He will blossom in the process.

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