Friday, August 27, 2010

School is back in session!

Well school started again this week.  We have decided to give our son another year in kindergarten.  Although I know this is the correct decision due to his SPD, it was difficult to see his classmates from last year move on knowing that he did not.  He even got the same teacher, which we were so happy about!  I asked, how do you like having the same teacher?  He replied, "there are different kids in my class and my friends are in 1st grade!"  I said, "You get TWO sets of friends...the friends from last year and new friends from this year!  You still get to keep the old friends but you also get to make new ones!"  Even while saying this to him, deep down inside I felt his pain.  My son will benefit from repeating kindergarten in the long run but we have to get over some bumps in the road first.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer is almost over....

Well summer is almost over for my two SPD kids and I think they had a great time!  R4 has been to three weeks of drama camp, one week of music camp, one week of Girl Scout camp, two weeks of swimming lessons, five sessions of picky eaters class, one day of cake decorating class, tutoring for spelling and writing, and relaxation therapy.  R5 has been to one week of drama camp, one week of music camp, two weeks of swimming lessons, five sessions of picky eaters class, tutoring for reading, occupational and physical therapy.  Not to mention a trip to Ohio to visit relatives, a couple of visits to the movies, and countless trips to the neighborhood pool.

All in all, I think all of the activities that they have been involved in are great for Sensory Processing Disorder kids.  R5 is now jumping off of the diving board by himself and swimming underwater.  At the beginning of the summer, he wouldn't dare leave the pool noodle behind.  He is also less shy and will talk more (although many times I still have to say, "Please speak a little louder!")  R5 knows all of his letters and is reading more readily.  He was upset yesterday when his sister was able to earn a free book from Borders by reading 10 books.  I told him if he reads 10 books, he can get a free one too!  We will see if that works!

Now on to R4.  She is helping around the house more and more.  Right now, she is taking dinner out of the oven.  She just asked, "Is there anything else I can do?"  She keeps her room clean after a recent repositioning of the furniture by mom.  She told me that she loved the way it looks so much that she is striving to keep it clean.  R4 earns $5 every pay period by loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Today, she went through her stuffed animals by herself and agreed to give up 13 of them!  (I wonder if she knew that it was Friday the 13th?  LOL.)

Next week I think the phrase "back to school" will finally hit home with them but they will sure have a long list of things to talk about when asked, "What did you do this summer?!"

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