Friday, August 27, 2010

School is back in session!

Well school started again this week.  We have decided to give our son another year in kindergarten.  Although I know this is the correct decision due to his SPD, it was difficult to see his classmates from last year move on knowing that he did not.  He even got the same teacher, which we were so happy about!  I asked, how do you like having the same teacher?  He replied, "there are different kids in my class and my friends are in 1st grade!"  I said, "You get TWO sets of friends...the friends from last year and new friends from this year!  You still get to keep the old friends but you also get to make new ones!"  Even while saying this to him, deep down inside I felt his pain.  My son will benefit from repeating kindergarten in the long run but we have to get over some bumps in the road first.

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