Monday, September 27, 2010

SPD 30 Stories in 30 Days Event

Hello!  Please check out Hartley Steiner's wonderful blog Hartley's Life With 3 Boys.  She is hosting a 30 stories in 30 days event for SPD awareness.  There will be 30 different stories about SPD in the month of October to raise awareness and raise funds for the SPD foundation.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tennis anyone?

I am so excited right now about the progress my two kids with SPD have made!  My 8 year old daughter just came home with a report card full of straight A's and the next day, she earned a gold ribbon in tennis.  What does the gold ribbon mean?  It means that at the age of 8, she has moved to the intermediate level and in March, she will play in her first tennis tournament!

On an aside, I just read a blog by stark.raving.mad.mommy at and she calls her son with SPD Little Dude.  Well, my "little dude"  just brought home a report card from kindergarten and all of his grades were "steadily developing"!  This is such a jump from "needs assistance"!  (We are giving him another year in kindergarten.)  My little guy graduated from physical therapy and now only needs occupational therapy each week.  Yesterday, he started tennis lessons and was able to earn 5 tickets for hitting the ball over the net!  He did well, listened to the coach and made progress.  This is the same child who didn't know which hand to use to hold a pencil just a year ago!

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