Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So many choices!

Sunday, my family and I went to a Halloween festival at a local church.  The kids had a blast playing games and jumping and sliding on the blow up type rides.  While playing the games, they would collect tickets and a ton of candy.  This was all great fun.  Toward the end of the festival, I counted the tickets and then we went inside the church to see the prizes that were available.  My daughter had 155 tickets!  There were a lot of people in line to get prizes and there were a lot of prizes.  Do you see it coming?  Too much sensory input!  I was telling her, "Look what you can get!" and she said, "Mom!  Stop!"  I tried a couple more times to help her with her decision and she got closer to a meltdown.  Finally I figured out that the SPD was getting in her way and she was having too much auditory input.  I looked in the "Out of Sync Child" and what my child was displaying was a difficulty in discerning between foreground and background noise.  This is otherwise known as too much sensory input!  I asked the lady in charge of the prizes if my daughter could go behind the table because the noise was really bothering her and she was unable to decide what prizes to get.  Once R4 went behind the table and was away from the noise, she was able to concentrate.  Knowing about SPD and my childrens' symptoms has really helped me as a parent.

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