Monday, November 7, 2011

Houston, we have a breakthrough!

Yesterday, we were eating at one of my daughter's favorite restaurants.  It is called Salad Express and has a salad bar, fruit, potatoes, soup, tacos, pasta, and dessert.  R4 as I refer to her on my blog, has been in sensory therapy for about 8 months.  Her therapist wants her to try about 5 new foods a week.  Well, R4 tried five new foods IN ONE DAY yesterday!  I have tried to get her to try grilled chicken many, many times and after many months of eating therapy, she actually ate it and admitted to liking it yesterday!  R4 also tried black olives, cauliflower, pear, and carrot cake. 

Many people believe that our children are just being too picky.  This is not a case of just being too picky.  This is a physical/medical condition that has to be dealt with in a therapists office in order to get help.  I have seen this child go from wearing 4 to five pair of socks at the same time to wearing just one.  I have seen her wear jeans during therapy when she refused before.  Now, I am seeing her try new foods at a rapid rate.  Houston, we have a breakthrough!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to be an anti-bully

If you have children kindergarten through high school, then you have probably thought of the issue of bullying. It is still as prevalent as it ever was and now some children are not only being bullied at school but also through the cyber world.

There are some things both parents and schools can do to help their children to avoid being bullied and to help them make better choices. One way is to teach them not to be a bully magnet. The following website has good information By not being a bully magnet, your child will avoid the problem altogether. A good thing to remember that keeps coming up in the topic of anti-bullying is to look the person straight in the eye. This is not a trait of a victim but of someone who is confident. Confidence is another strong anti-bullying tactic. Those children who are self-confident will be less likely to be bullied.

A program that many school use is Kelso's Choice. The website has information and a good program for early elementary aged children. If we instill these principles in our children at an early age, hopefully bullying will not be as big of a problem later in their school years.

Parents who have children with smart phones and internet access should talk to them about proper use of texting and any social media that they use. Advise them that It is not ok to make fun of someone online or send them mean text messages.

If we stay involved in our children's lives and teach them about how to treat others, they are less likely to be bullies or to be bullied themselves.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Time...Time to go camping

Wow!  I cannot believe that school is already going to be out for the summer this week!  Time flies.  If you haven't already done so, it is also time to think about summer camps for the kiddos.  There are so many to pick from that it can be difficult to choose.  There are day camps and overnight camps, there are camps for drama, singing, dancing, sports, art, science, math, and writing just to name a few.  I have one child who would sign up for everything if she could and the other one, he is not quite sure.  There is a girl scout day camp nearby that also accepts boys if the mom volunteers.  So, I am volunteering at this camp next week so that both of my kids can participate.  It will be fun!  Also, my daughter is signed up for at least one drama camp, a writing camp, a mythology camp, and a math camp.  (We told her that if she took math camp, we would let her take the writing one.)  The educational camps are held at a local university and are half a day each.  My son is going to the girl scout camp with us and we will probably sign him up for a space day camp and swimming lessons as well.  School is going to be out, but they will be busier than ever!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Very Special Mind

My son, (let's call him "John"), has a very special mind.  We noticed that he had trouble counting and recognizing letters of the alphabet at about the age of 4.  He has been in tutoring for reading for a couple of years now.  John is now 7.  He has been through kindergarten twice and will be entering first grade in the fall.  The other day, we went to a place called The Snoball Hut.  John looked up at the sign and said, "Mom, they forgot a "W"!  This might not sound like an enlightening moment to some...except, we are having a difficult time getting him to read!  This child does not enjoy reading much, but was able to correct what he thought was a misspelled word.  The other thing that I noticed about John is that he could do simple addition and subtraction before he could count much higher than 10.  Especially if Star Wars characters were involved in the word problems that we made up.  Now if we could only figure out what is going on in his very special mind!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Recently, we have tried to add calories to my daughter's diet.  Yes, she is a picky eater.  A lot of people will say, just make her eat what you cook.  This child has actually lost weight in the past year when she should be gaining for sure.  We have tried Pediasure and it seems to be working.  She is also going to eating therapy (along with Sensory therapy).  Here is the link for the product website:  There are several flavors including vanilla, banana, strawberry, and chocolate.  Each morning, along with breakfast, Emma drinks her Pediasure and will even remind us if she has not had it that day.  Kroger's has coupons that you can load on to your Kroger card.  They are usually good for $2 off.  Happy eating!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Children With Special Needs

I would like to share an article that I read recently in Newsweek.  It really helps other people understand what a parent with a special needs child feels and goes through.  Here is the link:  Priscilla Gilman does an excellent job of sharing the world of her son Benjamin.   She goes from the sadness at finding out what is going on with her son to the realization that her life is enriched because of his uniqueness.  He adds joy to her life as my children add joy to mine.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too many socks

My daughter, (let's call her Emma) goes through upwards of 40 pair of socks a week.  No, she does not change them all of the time, she wears 3+ pair at a time.  She wants her shoes to be as tight as possible and sometimes, the circulation seems to be cut off on her feet.  This morning, she told me that the sock inventory in her sock drawer was running low.  Does anyone else out there wash 40 pair of socks for one child in a week?  This same child will wear flip-flops with no problem.  This will be ok in the summer when school is not in session, but flip flops are not allowed at school.   Luckily, there is a children's therapy center very close by that specializes in sensory issues.  We started Emma in therapy about a month ago but she does not want anyone to know about it.  Yes, therapy has a stigma as early as elementary school.  Why is it that you can go to the doctor for about any other reason without a stigma but if your little body is crying out for sensory help, you do not want anyone to know about it?  I have honored Emma's wishes and I have not told anyone, not even her teacher. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butterfly in the Wind

All I have to post today is my latest painting, but it so fits in with our children with Sensory Processing Disorder.  I painted this to give to my son's kindergarten teacher. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

When friends move away

My family and I live in an area of the country with a lot of corporate headquarters (big oil companies) as well as NASA.  Recently, many families have had to move due to job cuts and corporate mergers.  Since both of my kids have SPD as well as other issues, it often takes them a while to make friends.  Once they get to know their friends, they surely do not want them to leave.  It has been difficult for my kids (as well as for me) when they see these people go.  I have reassured them that we can try to keep in touch with their friends.  We plan to get a camera for the computer so that we can use Skype.  Also, we are already planning some visits.  It is still difficult.  Especially for the little ones.  How does your family deal with the issue when friends move away?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Brady Rymer and The Autism Project

My children and I were listening to Kid's Place Live on XM satellite radio the other day.  It was the "Absolutely Mindy" show in the afternoon.  Mindy played a song called the "Picky Eater" song.  She also stated that it was from a CD for the Autism Project and the song is by Brady Rymer  I googled the song and could not find it.  Anyway, I went to the Kid's Place Live facebook page and asked where I could find the CD and it has not been released yet.  However, it sounds like this is going to be an awesome CD and should be released soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is up!

I don't know about any of the other parents out there but sometimes, my kids just don't want to get ready for school in the morning.  Especially Monday morning!  Don't despair though.  This doesn't just work for ADD/ADHD kids or SPD kids, I bet it works for many others too.  What we have found that works is a timer!  Yes, for some reason, put a timer into the picture and those same kiddos will try as hard as they can to beat the timer.  It's almost like it turns getting ready for school into a game.  We just use a plain old two dollar kitchen timer but there are many other kinds too.  If you go to they have one that has red where the given amount of time is and the red disappears as the time goes away.  That way, the child can see how much time they have left.  When the red goes away, time is up and it is game over!  Who will win, the child getting ready for school or the timer?  I have a feeling that when the timer is put into use, the child will win every time!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The World of SPD

It has been a while since I have posted and now I want to get back in the swing of things.  I want to touch on people's opinions on Sensory Processing Disorder.  You may be new to this whole topic or you may be an expert.  Either way, you have probably gotten a whole lot of feedback concerning SPD.

First of all, SPD is not BS!  There are many books on the topic and doctors that have spent their entire careers researching the topic and working with kids to get them the help they need.  My favorite book is "The Out of Sync Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.  Carol has a website at  There is also a great book titled "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun".    Which helps parents with creative ways to plan activities for their SPD kids.  There are seminars, blog groups, and conventions where you can talk to doctors and parents and learn more about SPD.

Second of all, we as parents of SPD kids are not looking to use this as an excuse.  We are doing everything we can to help our kids grow and take care of themselves as well as help them get through each day.

Finally, please do not let anything someone says get you down.  If you know something is wrong with your child, get answers.  Keep asking questions until you get the help your child needs!

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