Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is up!

I don't know about any of the other parents out there but sometimes, my kids just don't want to get ready for school in the morning.  Especially Monday morning!  Don't despair though.  This doesn't just work for ADD/ADHD kids or SPD kids, I bet it works for many others too.  What we have found that works is a timer!  Yes, for some reason, put a timer into the picture and those same kiddos will try as hard as they can to beat the timer.  It's almost like it turns getting ready for school into a game.  We just use a plain old two dollar kitchen timer but there are many other kinds too.  If you go to they have one that has red where the given amount of time is and the red disappears as the time goes away.  That way, the child can see how much time they have left.  When the red goes away, time is up and it is game over!  Who will win, the child getting ready for school or the timer?  I have a feeling that when the timer is put into use, the child will win every time!

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