Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Too many socks

My daughter, (let's call her Emma) goes through upwards of 40 pair of socks a week.  No, she does not change them all of the time, she wears 3+ pair at a time.  She wants her shoes to be as tight as possible and sometimes, the circulation seems to be cut off on her feet.  This morning, she told me that the sock inventory in her sock drawer was running low.  Does anyone else out there wash 40 pair of socks for one child in a week?  This same child will wear flip-flops with no problem.  This will be ok in the summer when school is not in session, but flip flops are not allowed at school.   Luckily, there is a children's therapy center very close by that specializes in sensory issues.  We started Emma in therapy about a month ago but she does not want anyone to know about it.  Yes, therapy has a stigma as early as elementary school.  Why is it that you can go to the doctor for about any other reason without a stigma but if your little body is crying out for sensory help, you do not want anyone to know about it?  I have honored Emma's wishes and I have not told anyone, not even her teacher. 

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