Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Very Special Mind

My son, (let's call him "John"), has a very special mind.  We noticed that he had trouble counting and recognizing letters of the alphabet at about the age of 4.  He has been in tutoring for reading for a couple of years now.  John is now 7.  He has been through kindergarten twice and will be entering first grade in the fall.  The other day, we went to a place called The Snoball Hut.  John looked up at the sign and said, "Mom, they forgot a "W"!  This might not sound like an enlightening moment to some...except, we are having a difficult time getting him to read!  This child does not enjoy reading much, but was able to correct what he thought was a misspelled word.  The other thing that I noticed about John is that he could do simple addition and subtraction before he could count much higher than 10.  Especially if Star Wars characters were involved in the word problems that we made up.  Now if we could only figure out what is going on in his very special mind!!

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