Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to be an anti-bully

If you have children kindergarten through high school, then you have probably thought of the issue of bullying. It is still as prevalent as it ever was and now some children are not only being bullied at school but also through the cyber world.

There are some things both parents and schools can do to help their children to avoid being bullied and to help them make better choices. One way is to teach them not to be a bully magnet. The following website has good information By not being a bully magnet, your child will avoid the problem altogether. A good thing to remember that keeps coming up in the topic of anti-bullying is to look the person straight in the eye. This is not a trait of a victim but of someone who is confident. Confidence is another strong anti-bullying tactic. Those children who are self-confident will be less likely to be bullied.

A program that many school use is Kelso's Choice. The website has information and a good program for early elementary aged children. If we instill these principles in our children at an early age, hopefully bullying will not be as big of a problem later in their school years.

Parents who have children with smart phones and internet access should talk to them about proper use of texting and any social media that they use. Advise them that It is not ok to make fun of someone online or send them mean text messages.

If we stay involved in our children's lives and teach them about how to treat others, they are less likely to be bullies or to be bullied themselves.

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