Monday, November 7, 2011

Houston, we have a breakthrough!

Yesterday, we were eating at one of my daughter's favorite restaurants.  It is called Salad Express and has a salad bar, fruit, potatoes, soup, tacos, pasta, and dessert.  R4 as I refer to her on my blog, has been in sensory therapy for about 8 months.  Her therapist wants her to try about 5 new foods a week.  Well, R4 tried five new foods IN ONE DAY yesterday!  I have tried to get her to try grilled chicken many, many times and after many months of eating therapy, she actually ate it and admitted to liking it yesterday!  R4 also tried black olives, cauliflower, pear, and carrot cake. 

Many people believe that our children are just being too picky.  This is not a case of just being too picky.  This is a physical/medical condition that has to be dealt with in a therapists office in order to get help.  I have seen this child go from wearing 4 to five pair of socks at the same time to wearing just one.  I have seen her wear jeans during therapy when she refused before.  Now, I am seeing her try new foods at a rapid rate.  Houston, we have a breakthrough!

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