Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sensory Meltdowns

How are sensory overload meltdowns dealt with/lived through at your house?  Recently, we have had meltdowns dealing with shoes that are too loose, hands that are too sticky and cars that smell "clean".  I can always tell when my son is stressed out about school because these things will happen...he cannot get himself dressed or undressed because his hands are too sticky and he says washing them in the sink will not help.  We just have to work through it until he thinks about something else.  When you are trying to get ready to go somewhere, like a baseball game that he is supposed to play in, it is difficult to get him moving.  Then once the shoes are on, they are too loose and finally when we get in the car, he says it smells clean and he refuses to get in.  We assure him that everything is fine and he finally gets going but it is stressful for all involved.  We get to the baseball field and he refuses to hold his baseball bag because his hands are still sticky.  (When in actuality, they are not sticky, it is just a stress response.)  Upon getting into the game and participating, John seems to enjoy it and has even been hitting the ball more often and fielding more often.

School work has seemed to improve but John's behavior has been going down hill.  Once again, though I do not condone bad behavior, it seems to go hand in hand.  The stress of learning more and growing academically has been coming with difficulty staying out of other people's space.  We have been using Superflex and the Unthinkables at home, at school, and at therapy.  The children seem to associate with these characters.  I will say, have you been acting like "rock brain"?  "Rock brain" needs to leave and "Superflex" needs to return.  John will even say sometimes which unthinkable has been appearing at our house or at school.  Hopefully, the flexible thinking will continue into the upcoming summer!

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